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If We Want Real Transformation, We Must Switch Perspectives and Redesign the System Accordingly

02 Dec 2016
16:05 - 16:35
Destiny Room

If We Want Real Transformation, We Must Switch Perspectives and Redesign the System Accordingly

Session Abstract:

health2047-twitter-profile-image-2016-01-04Given the dramatic changes in healthcare regulation combined with the consumerization of healthcare, it’s becoming increasingly clear to everyone that a bottom-up redesign of physician-individual interactions needs to happen, and happen soon. Leading providers trying solve for industry challenges like interoperability—within their own insular bubbles, using only their own resources, cobbled together to support their legacy solutions—are failing. The result? Despite myriad innovative IoT technologies and capabilities on the market, U.S. healthcare is becoming more and more expensive, yet less and less productive, with each passing year.

To truly transform healthcare, we must switch perspectives. We must focus less on preserving existing business models and protecting the data siloes we’ve created, and more on how to redesign the system by taking a bottoms-up approach that will work for individuals, physicians, providers, and payers alike. Innovation in healthcare calls for the freeing of data at the individual level, so that people can easily share their information with their physicians, whenever and wherever they choose. With the massive shift from acute care to chronic disease management, the real breakthroughs we seek can only occur by connecting lives and data systems across provider systems, throughout physicians’ offices, and into people’s daily routines in their communities.

Now more than ever, we must think differently. We must redesign our healthcare system so that it empowers and enables both individuals and physicians to have the data they need at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it. For that to happen, we need to stop bolting things on to poorly performing systems and instead take a bottoms-up approach to healthcare innovation that incorporates IoT technologies in ways that support the physician-patient relationship, securely enable data flow, and ensure real-time communication between all authorized parties.


Charles Aunger
Managing Director, Technology at Health2047

Charles has a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation of the healthcare IT market and deep experience in cloud and enterprise technology market strategy. Before joining Health2047, he served as senior executive director of IT at Stanford Health Care, supporting over 15,000 employees, enabling pivotal partnerships, and ensuring digital alignment for patient-user interactions. Previously, Charles was a senior vice president at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, where he led the strategic planning and tactical execution efforts around cost balancing, business model development and technical operations optimization. Additionally, Charles has served in executive roles at major technology-driven organizations including Mubadala, Accenture, Citrix, NHS, Numonyx, and Bupa. He is recognized for his achievement and contribution to the IT profession and is a British Computer Society Fellow. Charles received his MSc in Information Systems Management from University of Liverpool.

Session Tags:

Interoperability, Design, Chronic Care Management, Data Systems, Engagement

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