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Keynote – Is the IoT Cool, Creepy, or Just Plain Wrong?

21 Jun 2017
09:50 - 10:20
Main Room

Keynote – Is the IoT Cool, Creepy, or Just Plain Wrong?

Session Abstract:

What’s not to love about all those smart, cool, and connected “things” we parade around with these days? Admit it: it can be liberating, fascinating, and fun especially for the data aficionados who are on a never-ending quest to discover the latest breaking insights. But what happens when these cool things get hacked and/or our personal information is stolen or shared without our permission and/or the government wants more access all in the name of national/global security? In this era of the Internet of Things, we can no longer relegate this discussion to the privacy freaks and security geeks in the back room. It’s one in which we all need to participate.


Tamara Dull
Director of Emerging Technologies at SAS Institute

Tamara Dull is the Director of Emerging Technologies for SAS Best Practices, a thought leadership team at SAS Institute. Through key industry engagements, provocative articles, and straightforward publications, she delivers a pragmatic perspective on big data, the Internet of Things, open source, privacy, and cybersecurity. Tamara began her high-tech journey long before the internet was born, and has held both technical and management positions for multiple technology vendors and consultancies, including a non-profit. Her latest publication is called “A Non-Geek’s A-to-Z Guide to the Internet of Things.” She is listed in the IoT Institute’s “50 Most Influential Women in IoT,” as well as the “Big Data 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands” and “Top 100 Big Data Experts to Follow in 2016” lists.

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