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IAQ – ‘Return to Work’ Return to School’

Dan Pothier, Founder, CTO Aretas Sensor Networks
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IAQ – ‘Return to Work’ Return to School’

Session Abstract:

Indoor Air Quality
Sensor Tech


Dan Pothier
Founder, CTO at Aretas Sensor Networks

Dan is the Founder and CTO of Aretas Sensor Networks (ASN), an IoT SaaS platform company for large scale sensor infrastructure. He has 20+ years of successful track record in the technology business and 10+ years in IoT Research & Development and Product Development with 3 core focus areas: IoT Cloud Technologies, IoT Sensors and Controllers, IoT Gateways/Hubs with expertise in bare metal cloud infrastructure for Machine Learning and AI. Dan has integrated over 100 different sensors into the Aretas IoT gateway platform.
Aretas is the Winner of the Panasonic DeepTech Innovation Challenge for an odor detection platform

Dan has had significant success and experience with government funding programs such as IRAP, SR&ED, NRC, Trade Commission, GGI and others. Aretas has been recognized as one of Canada’s High Tech potential companies. Prior to ASN, Dan’s main focus for 10 years was infrastructure management services in a contract CTO role for Brand Technologies as well as an Advisor for WaveFire and Skycable. As Co-Founder of Incendia Media he designed high performance social networks and large scale streaming platforms. Dan has expertise in Cloud computing, Data Center infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, SEO Optimatization and AI. Dan earned a degree in Computer Science from Athabasco University.

Session Tags

End-User, Government, Enterprise, Small / Medium Enterprise

IAQ, AI, Machine Learning, SaaS, Platform, sensor tech, return to school, return to work, Sentinel Cigarette/Cannabis smoke detection

CxO, VP / Director, Middle Management, Technical, Business Line Management, Operations




Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Industrials, Healthcare, Government / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical / BioTech

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