Welcome to the IoT Slam Live 2019, Internet of Things Conference - The Trilogy. June 20-21 2019, R.T.P North Carolina U.S.A

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Details to attend the IoT Slam Live 2019 event on June 20-21, starting from 8.45am US Eastern Time.

Thank you for completing the registration process. Your VIRTUAL ticket to IoT Slam Live 2019 is now confirmed. We are using our event website (iotslam) as an interactive platform, which will serve as the entry point to access sessions directly from your device. We will contact you again shortly before the event to provide you with your access details. If you have any questions – or are having any difficulties logging in whatsoever, please contact us right away at delegaterelations@iotslam.com.

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We are very “social”, particularly on Twitter, we will be live tweeting the entire event. Our Twitter handle is @IoTCommunity Please help spread the word about the awesome things you will learn at the event by live tweeting / posting key findings over Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, use #IoTSlam , #IoTCommunity , #IoTSlamLive so we can see your interaction and engage to amplify your voice and light up the IoT landscape. All that remains to be said is we hope you enjoy the event and thank you once again for being a valued member of our IoT Community. If you are not already a member of our IoT Community, please click this link to join: https://iotslam.com/community Please also ensure you are an individual member by registering your IoT Practitioner account here – https://iotpractitioner.com/register/ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at delegaterelations@iotslam.com Best regards, IoT Slam Conference Team Now Tweet: I am going to #IoTSlamLive 2019 #InternetofThings Conference, June 20-21, 2019. See you there! #IoTSlam

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