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IBM – Watson IoT Profile


About IBM Watson IoT

IoT is vast, diverse and constantly changing. IoT data from billions of interactions between devices and people is not only massive, it is complex and variable. Predefined programs aren’t up to the task of analyzing it and traditional systems can’t take advantage of unstructured IoT data, like weather and social.

A cognitive IoT can make sense of all types of data. In fact, it can choose its own data sources and decide which patterns and relationships to pay attention to. It uses machine learning and advanced processing to organize the data and generate insights. A cognitive IoT can also evolve and improve on its own through learned self-correction and adaptation. Watson IoT is helping to bring about IoT in the cognitive era. For more information please visit http://ibm.com/IoT

IBM participated in a Forrester study that evaluated the current environment for IoT software platforms. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals make the right choice to support their IoT-enabled connected product and asset initiatives. The Forrester Report states “The Watson IoT Platform can serve a broad range of advanced IoT use cases….With a strong commitment to open source standards and a robust global partner ecosystem, IBM is well positioned for market leadership. ”

Please download the full report today: http://ibm.com/iot/forrester-iot-wave

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Thought Leadership and other IoT Materials:

Discover the secret of Dinosaur Island with the Watson IoT Platform

Watch how a life size T-REX springs into life using Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED and IBM Bluemix. Join Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor, on an epic journey to a real-life Dinosaur Island.

Thomas Jefferson Hospital: smart hospital rooms improve quality of patient care.

Being hospitalized can be stressful for both patients and loved ones. However, new partnership between Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and IBM Watson IoT is helping to change that.

Commercial Drones Give A Bird’s Eye View for Inspections.

Commercial drones from Aeriatronics take flight with Watson IoT and cognitive visual recognition capabilities. Together, IBM Watson IoT and Aerialtronics can help companies open up expansive possibilities to gain insight in places not easily accessible to humans from monitoring city traffic patterns to inspecting wind turbines, oil rigs and cell tower optimization.

Schaeffler: Digital transformation to keep the world moving.

The Internet of Things – billions of interconnected sensors and devices in factories, cars, trains and appliances – is moving into a new era. By tapping the power of cognitive computing, businesses around the world are moving from IoT vision and proof of concept to strategic deployments aimed at driving real transformation. Schaeffler – one of the world’s leading automotive and industrial suppliers, has signed a multi-year strategic partnership agreement with IBM to do exactly that.

Cognitive Mobility: Olli the self-driving vehicle and Watson the cognitive system.

Local Motors transforms the passenger experience with IBM Watson Internet of Things technology and Watson IoT AutoLAB; On roads now in Washington, DC and soon in Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas.

Video Content: