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USA Cycling Olympic Medal Performance enabled by Watson IoT

22 Jun 2017
10:30 - 10:55
Room B

USA Cycling Olympic Medal Performance enabled by Watson IoT

Session Abstract:

USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit team was ranked 5th in the world 11 months before the Rio Olympics, yet through smart training augmented by state of the art equipment and real-time analytics, Gold World Championship and Silver Olympic Medals soon followed. Come hear the USA Cycling Olympic journey leveraging an IBM jStart developed training solution.The result: A solution that embraced Mobile, Watson IoTand Spark Streaming to significantly contribute to an unprecedented 4.5% improved performance to take home a World Championship and Rio Olympic success.

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Randall Wilcox
Technical Engagement Manager – IBM jStart at IBM

Randall Wilcox is a Technical Engagement Manager in IBM’s jStart Emerging Technology Group where he assists customers in identifying and delivering solutions leveraging Watson IOT, Analytics and Cognitive technologies. He also has responsibility to drive adoption of these technologies into strategic IBM industry solutions, products and partnerships.

Over the past 3 years, his primary focus has been leveraging IBM Cloud Internet of Things and Apache Spark analytics services in the areas of improved sport fan experience and sports performance enablement.

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IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference

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